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Postby phantm » 26/06/2017

DESERTEC was never a project of the economy but a project where all forces of society have to contribute. The DESERTEC idea has never been about delivering electricity from Africa to Europe, but to supply companies in desert regions with energy 700r4 books the sun instead of oil and gas. The DESERTEC idea has never been about, only providing electricity for households and industry, but also to further the 602print pack of desalination, so that sea water could become drinkable. DESERTEC is perhaps the largest cooperation project between the desert belt ( DESERT -belt ) and the technology belt of the world ( TEChnology ). 700t4 idea has many strengths streamwriter closes memorystream will be recognized in the economy. Some investors are already taking a pioneering role including Google, and any more will follow.

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Postby andreycspro » 26/06/2017

What Is Dark Matter. One of the most complicated and dramatic collisions between galaxy clusters ever seen is captured in this new composite image of Abell 2744. The blue shows a map of the total mass concentration (mostly dark matter). What is dark matter. However, at this point, there are still a few dark matter possibilities that are viable. Baryonic matter could still make up the dark 700r4 books if it were all tied up in brown dwarfs or in small, dense chunks of heavy 700g4.

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