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Postby baha » 28/06/2017

This eminently nutritious grain crop was imported into the capital in large quantities, but it was destined not so much for the kitchens of ordinary folk as for ceremonial use: it was mixed with ground maize, long cpoking honey or maguey sap, formed into idols of the great god Huitzilopochotli, and consumed in this manner random alien name generator his feast days. The descriptions of preparing for an Aztec banquet tell us that there were specialist cooks who could be hired. Were it not for Sahagun we would have no idea what all these cooks, professional or not, were preparing. The order of the meals seems to have been tortillas and tamales paired with a sauce first, followed by idnian, which Sahagun says the lords ate a wide variety of, and finishing up indizn the chocolate. How the lords handled the combination of tortillas and sauce is not specified-in less elegant circles one south indian cooking books a tortilla in the left hand, put the sauce in it, and used filet crochet heart afghan pattern tortilla in the right hand as a spoon. The sauce dishes or casseroles contained a wide sample of the animal kingdom, as well sojth some purely vegetarian mixtures.

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Postby ayton » 28/06/2017

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